Ganesha Firefox Club and Divkom HME-ITB Help Students to Make A Website Easily Using WebMaker

Hi guys, I’d love to share my experience when I hosted an event about WebMaker a week ago in my campus.

Divkom is an organization under of HME-ITB as advisor (HME-ITB is Electrical Engineering student union of Institut Teknologi Bandung), which helps members to develop skills regarding professionalism in electrical field, in this case Divkom engaged in information technology firm, such as web development, mobile or desktop application development, and computer network. Every year, Divkom held a regeneration event named StartUp Divkom. StartUp Divkom is an annual regeneration organized by Divkom HME-ITB in preparing a successors in the development of information technology. This week, Divkom want to give a workshop about web development to the candidates who wish to continue the steps to become the crew of Divkom.

Last week, My friends and I held a gathering all of Ganesha Firefox Club members. The contents of the discussion concerned about the introduction of FSA, and its activities. As a crew both of Divkom and FSA, I had an idea that Ganesha Firefox Club could help Divkom to share our knowledge about web development and what we can do to make a web easily.

Webmaker logo on screen

Event which I planned are :

  • What is Mozilla?
  • How to build website using WebMaker easily?

This event has announced on Mozilla Events Pages, you can reach on this page [1] and our Firefox Club page on this page [2], and for the detail invitation you can reach on this page [3]. Here I would like to share my experience as a host this event.

Before Workshop

Before the workshop begun, I had meeting with other crew of Divkom about how long I would make for both sessions. We had about 30 people as audiences, and workshop was one and a half hours long. Following topic were covered in the event by myself.

  1. What is Mozilla
  2. What are Mozilla missions and products
  3. What is Webmaker
  4. What Webmaker can do
  5. What are tools that can be used in Webmaker
  6. The audiences try to make a web using each of tools
  7. Demo

The Workshop

This workshop was at Signal and System Lab. of Institut Teknologi Bandung where we had a lot of students waiting for us. we had about 30 people in this workshop and I took two sessions.

First session was taken by myself to introduce all about Mozilla. the students were actually misguided about what Mozilla is. so, I explained to them what Mozilla is, our mission and our products include Firefox Browser, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Persona, WebFWD, Firefox OS, Mozilla Webmaker (our focus), Marketplace, and Firefox for Android. after this short session finished, the students was actually very surprised and we had changed their paradigm about Mozilla.

I was presenting Mozilla Webmaker tools
I was presenting Mozilla Webmaker tools
I helped the audience using Webmaker tools
The audience tried to remix a project using Thimble
The audience tried to remix a project using Thimble

Next session was taken by my self too on Mozilla products that will help us to make a website easily. I told them that Mozilla has a product can help us to make a website easily called Mozilla Webmaker and its tools include X-Ray Goggles, Thimble, and Popcorn Maker. They found this session admirably. They can see how the web works in X-Ray Goggles because X-Ray Goggles allow us to see the building blocks that make up websites on the internet. We can inspect the code behind any webpage, the remix elements with a single click, swapping in our own text, images and more. they can see how to make a web easily because Thimbles makes it ridiculously simple to create and share our own web pages in way we write and edit HTML and CSS right in our browser then instantly preview our work, and then will help them easily remix web video, audio, and images into cools mashups that we can embed on other websites using Popcorn maker. I helped them using each of this tools and it became so fantastic.

After Workshop

It felt like the time went so fast, the workshop finally finished. it was time to give the Mozilla merchandise. I told you, they came enthusiastically to pick up the merchandise. most of them picked the merchandise up more then three merchandises. it was really funny when they struggled each other to pick it up. 😀

It is great experience for me because this is my first event I ever hosted. if you want to see how fun it was, please visit my flickr here [4].

Group photo at the end of the sessions.
Group photo at the end of the sessions.


Useful Links :

[1] Mozilla Event Page :

[2] Ganesha Firefox Club :

[3] Event invitation :

[4] Photos :


How to Build Website Using WebMaker

Ganesha Firefox Club  – Indonesia, already have planned to host an event in Institut Teknologi Bandung next week. We, Ganesha Firefox Club and Divkom HME-ITB [1] work together in StartUp Divkom 2013 [2]. This event will be held :

Date : Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Time : 13.00 – 16.00 (GMT+7)

Venue : Signal and System Laboratorium 3

Host : Yopi Yuanggara (Firefox Student Ambassadors – Indonesia)

Audience : More than 30 (candidate of Divkom HME-ITB crew)

Session : “What is Mozilla?” and “How to build website using Web Maker?”



Note :

[1]. Divkom HME-ITB is one of the divisions of the HME-ITB (Electrical Engineering Student Association) which is structurally independent-profitable organization and HME-ITB as the advisor. Divkom HME-ITB is engaged in Information Technology but focus on web programming, java programming, and networking.

[2]. StartUp Divkom 2013 is an annual regeneration organized by Divkom HME-ITB in preparing a successors in the development of technology, especially in web programming, java programming, and networking.