5 of The Worst Academy Award Winners Over The Last Two Decades

Few days before The 86th Academy Award and that’s mean it is our time to shout out about what movie or actors would take the Oscars home (Jared Leto, yeah), what was undeserving of nomination (Jonah Hill? seriously?). We always watch the Oscar ceremonies every years, and each of us have personal opinion about better, worse, should, and have to. but the truth is sometimes member of the Academy do tend to make I can say unwise decisions. I am not saying that movies were necessarily bad, but only that their competition was stronger. Here the list of 5 of the worst Academy Award wining films and actor over last two decades :

5. ‘Shakespears in Love’ (1998) – Best Picture 71st Academy Award

yeeah, so that happened. ‘Shakespeare in Love’ beats ‘Saving Private Ryan’, yeah one of Steven Spielberg’s critical acclaim. I guess the voter have tired for the epics and wars film such as ‘The Thin Red Line’, ‘Elizabeth’, and even one of the greatest war film ever made ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and go with romantic picture featuring some good actors. and I thought that Harvey Weinstein practically doing “very good” campaign.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow for ‘Shakespears in Love’ (1998) – Best Actress in a Leading Role 71st Academy Award

Seriously, Cate Blanchett should win the Oscar for her portrayal as Elizabeth I of England in ‘Elizabeth’. some saying it was one of the best role of her career. It happened because of Harvey again, I guess.

3. ‘Chicago’ (2002) – Best Picture 75th Academy Award

if we talk about Musical, ‘Chicago was a good musical film. but at The Oscar, we do not talk about one picture, but so many good movie that year. ‘Chicago’ was good, but it wasn’t the best. it looks like a “safe” choice over Roman Polanski’s ‘The Pianist’ which was better then the others.

2. ‘Crash’ (2005) – Best Picture 78th Academy Award

So many paper told that Crash was placed on first list of “Worst Winners of Best Picture Oscars“. Some of media told that 2005 was the year of politics returned to Hollywood, with Academy Award nominees, Middle East ‘Munich’, gay right ‘Brokeback Mountain’, American’s troubled political history ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ all on agenda. on paper, ‘Crash’ was not much politics on it gave little heartbreaking, so many saw it as the “safe” choice to ‘Brokeback Mountain’ which was one of the best film of the year and widely considered to be a front-runner for the Academy Award for Best Picture and has won so many awards in Best Picture category. ‘Brokeback Mountain’ won more Best Picture and Director awards than previous Oscar winners like ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘Titanic’ combined, no film that had won the Writer’s Guild, Director’s Guild, and Producer’s Guild awards failed to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, and that only four times in the previous twenty-five years had the Best Picture winner not also been the film with the most nominations (I quoted). ‘Crash’ was not even nominated for the Golden Globe’s Best Picture and gone on to win the Academy Award. I’ll say it could have been ‘Brokeback Mountain’, or ‘Munich’ or ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ , or ‘Capote’ and film such as ‘Junebug’ is better choice to be nominated.

1. Denzel Washington for ‘Training Day’ (2001) – Best Actor in A Leading Role 74th Academy Award

some critics would put ‘Crash’ on the first list, but I am so eager to put Denzel on my first list. It should went to Russell Crowe, we have eyes and ears. he was so brilliant in ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and no one doubt his performance as John Nash at that time. He won so many many award for that role and he deserved to win an Oscars. But I think it happened because of Crowe’s bad attitude. who knows.

Well, that my list of the worst Academy Award winners over the last 2 decades. If you do not agree with my list, or have your own list, please comment below!.


Note : if Jennifer Lawrence wins for her role as Rosalyn Rosenfeld in ‘American Hustle’ beating out Lupita Nyong’o in ’12 Years A Slave’, I will put her on my list.

Update 03/04/14: LOL. The Academy chose the right decition for Best Actress in Supporting Role by putting Lupita Nyong’o on that position.


Maze Solving with Image Processing Algorithm Using MATLAB

I take Digital Image Processing course in this semester and at the end of this semester we have to make a project about image processing, so we (Fajar, Yulia and I) want to make a project about Maze Solving with Image Processing Algorithm using MATLAB.

Why Maze Solving?

Do you know Maze Game?. yeah it is quite interesting, isn’t it?. Maze game is one of favorite “brain and puzzle” game in the world. it is played maybe more than a billion people in the world, all ages, with various level. we can solve the maze easily for a low level of difficulty, but it will takes a long time to solve for high level of difficulty.  If you take to long to solve the maze and you are so curious about the solution, we can solve the maze with image processing in very very short time. the maze puzzle can be solved using MATLAB program that created as *.m file and the solution will be displayed as *.fig file.

Diagram block system

How to Solve The Maze?

We use some of technique that we have learned in the class. such as:

  • Pre-Processing
This is the first step to solve the maze. we need to prepare the maze image which will be solved. When the program starts running, the dialog box appears on the screen and asks user to choose the maze image [1]. when user click “Open” button, maze image is ready to be process. look up this picture [2].
[1] Dialog box
[1] Dialog box
  • Image Enhancement
In this step, the maze image will be converted to monochrome image. monochrome image will be obtained by extraction each of color (RGB) consists of Red, Green, and Blue channel color), and we choose one of these monochrome channels which have high contrast. After that, we need to prepare image for thresholding process with scaling the image become 0 – 255 range. we have to invert the binary image to become binary inverse. so the walls will become black, and the path is become white, you can see in this picture [3].
[2] Original image (left), [3] Binary image (right)
  • Image segmentation
in this step, the program will perform the segmentation process. in this process, we will determine what maze is connected or separated. to distinguish the wall are connected each other is done by random coloring to each connected wall. the result can be seen in this picture [4]. in that picture [4], we can see, we obtain two group connected-wall. It appears in to different color. we need to choose one of those walls to the next process and eliminate the other one. the following results after we eliminate one of the connected-wall is in this picture [5].
[4] Segmentation to distinguish between connected-wall and separated-wall
[4] Segmentation to distinguish between connected-wall and separated-wall, [5] Selection one the the connected-wall
  • Morphological Operation
after we obtain one connected-wall, we need to perform dilation process to close the unnecessary path. here the result of dilation by passing a large structure element with a particular pixel [6]. the result of dilation process is often still leaves holes that need to be closed. here the result of the closing holes [7]. after closing the holes, we have to perform erosion process, here the result [8]. after that, we need to do subtraction process of the image form dilation process (+closing holes) and the image form erosion process. to get the solution path in this picture [9].
From left to right, [6] dilation process, [7] closing the holes, [8] erosion process, and [9] the path which is got by subtraction process between dilation (+ closing the holes) image and erosion image, is the solution path
  • Post-Processing
in this last process, we have to combine the solution path that we have been obtained with the initial image in the single image. the process is performed by merger from three monochrome channel into a single image (RGB). here the final result to solve the maze. the red object in this picture [10] is solution path of *.jpg file.
Path solution of the maze.
Path solution of the maze.
Very simple, isn’t it?. you don’t need using some kind of advanced algorithm to solve maze problem. well, mmm, thanks to Fajar and Yulia have engaged me with this project. May the luck be here with us. ciaaaaooo.

Ganesha Firefox Club and Divkom HME-ITB Help Students to Make A Website Easily Using WebMaker

Hi guys, I’d love to share my experience when I hosted an event about WebMaker a week ago in my campus.

Divkom is an organization under of HME-ITB as advisor (HME-ITB is Electrical Engineering student union of Institut Teknologi Bandung), which helps members to develop skills regarding professionalism in electrical field, in this case Divkom engaged in information technology firm, such as web development, mobile or desktop application development, and computer network. Every year, Divkom held an regeneration event named StartUp Divkom. StartUp Divkom is an annual regeneration organized by Divkom HME-ITB in preparing a successors in the development of information technology. This week, Divkom want to give a workshop about web development to the candidates who wish to continue the steps to become the crew of Divkom.

Last week, My friends and I held a gathering all of Ganesha Firefox Club members. The contents of the discussion concerned about the introduction of FSA, and its activities. As a crew of Divkom and as a FSA, I had an idea that Ganesha Firefox Club could help Divkom to share our knowledge about web development and what we can do to make a web easily.

Webmaker logo on screen

Event which I planned are :

  • What is Mozilla?
  • How to build website using WebMaker easily?

This event has announced on Mozilla Events Pages, you can reach on this page [1] and our Firefox Club page on this page [2], and for the detail invitation you can reach on this page [3]. Here I would like to share my experience as a host this event.

Before Workshop

Before the workshop begun, I had meeting with other crew of Divkom about how long I would make for both sessions. We had about 30 people as audiences, and workshop was one and a half hours long. Following topic were covered in the event by myself.

  1. What is Mozilla
  2. What are Mozilla missions and products
  3. What is Webmaker
  4. What Webmaker can do
  5. What are tools that can be used in Webmaker
  6. The audiences try to make a web using each of tools
  7. Demo

The Workshop

This workshop was at Signal and System Lab. of Institut Teknologi Bandung where we had a lot of students waiting for us. we had about 30 people in this workshop and I took two sessions.

First session was taken by myself to introduce all about Mozilla. the students were actually misguided about what Mozilla is. so, I told them all about Mozilla, its mission and its products include Firefox Browser, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Persona, WebFWD, Firefox OS, Mozilla Webmaker (our focus), Marketplace, and Firefox for Android. after this short session finished, the students was actually very surprised and we had changed their paradigm about Mozilla.

I was presenting Mozilla Webmaker tools
I was presenting Mozilla Webmaker tools
I helped the audience using Webmaker tools
The audience tried to remix a project using Thimble
The audience tried to remix a project using Thimble

Next session was taken by my self too on Mozilla products that will help us to make a website easily. I told them that Mozilla has a product can help us to make a website easily called Mozilla Webmaker and its tools include X-Ray Goggles, Thimble, and Popcorn Maker. They found this session admirably. They can see how the web works in X-Ray Goggles because X-Ray Goggles allow us to see the building blocks that make up websites on the internet. We can inspect the code behind any webpage, the remix elements with a single click, swapping in our own text, images and more. they can see how to make a web easily because Thimbles makes it ridiculously simple to create and share our own web pages in way we write and edit HTML and CSS right in our browser then instantly preview our work, and then will help them easily remix web video, audio, and images into cools mashups that we can embed on other websites using Popcorn maker. I helped them using each of this tools and it became so fantastic.

After Workshop

It felt like the time went so fast, the workshop finally finished. it was time to give the Mozilla merchandise. I told you, they came enthusiastically to pick up the merchandise. most of them picked the merchandise up more then three merchandises. it was really funny when they struggled each other to pick it up. :D

It is great experience for me because this is my first event I ever hosted. if you want to see how fun it was, please visit my flickr here [4].

Group photo at the end of the sessions.
Group photo at the end of the sessions.


Useful Links :

[1] Mozilla Event Page : https://wiki.mozilla.org/StudentAmbassadors/Events#December_15th

[2] Ganesha Firefox Club :  https://wiki.mozilla.org/Ganesha_Firefox_Club

[3] Event invitation :  https://yopiyuanggara.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/how-to-build-website-using-webmaker/

[4] Photos : http://www.flickr.com/photos/112083344@N05/

How to Build Website Using WebMaker

Ganesha Firefox Club  – Indonesia, already have planned to host an event in Institut Teknologi Bandung next week. We, Ganesha Firefox Club and Divkom HME-ITB [1] work together in StartUp Divkom 2013 [2]. This event will be held :

Date : Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Time : 13.00 – 16.00 (GMT+7)

Venue : Signal and System Laboratorium 3

Host : Yopi Yuanggara (Firefox Student Ambassadors – Indonesia)

Audience : More than 30 (candidate of Divkom HME-ITB crew)

Session : “What is Mozilla?” and “How to build website using Web Maker?”



Note :

[1]. Divkom HME-ITB is one of the divisions of the HME-ITB (Electrical Engineering Student Association) which is structurally independent-profitable organization and HME-ITB as the advisor. Divkom HME-ITB is engaged in Information Technology but focus on web programming, java programming, and networking.

[2]. StartUp Divkom 2013 is an annual regeneration organized by Divkom HME-ITB in preparing a successors in the development of technology, especially in web programming, java programming, and networking.

Who is Red John?


Pada awalnya tidak ada sama sekali clue mengenai siapa sih Red John, yang kita tahu hanya Red John adalah pria pembunuh berantai yang mana korbannya kebanyakan anak-anak dan perempuan, menggambar wajah tersenyum dengan darah korban, dan salah satu korbannya adalah istri dan anak Patrick Jane. kemudian, setelah sekian lama mencari informasi tentang Red John, Patrick bertemulah dengan seorang wanita buta dalam suatu kasus pembunuhan yang dilakukan oleh Red John dengan gambar wajah tersenyum dilangit menggunakan jet, bernama Rosalind Harker. Rosalind memiliki hubungan dekat dengan Red John, menurut sense yang dimiliki Rosalind, Red John memiliki tinggi dibawah 6 kaki, dia tidak berotot tapi tidak lembek juga. dan wanginya seperti pine and nail and earth, dan sangat suka mendengarkan saya main piano.

Di season selanjutnya, Patrick dan Teresa tidak lagi menangani kasus Red John, dan digantikan dengan Agent Sam Bosco namun Patrick ingin tetap mengetahui perkembangan kasus dengan memasang penyadap di ruangan Sam. namun akhirnya Sam meminta masukan dari Patrick mengenai perkembangan kasus tersebut sehingga memberikan akses ke Patrick. kemudian, tim Agent Sam ditembak sehingga hanya Sam yang masih bernyawa, setelah ditelusuri, yang melakukan itu semua adalah sekretaris Sam bernama Rebecca. Rebecca mengatakan bahwa Red John ingin kalau Patrick yang menemukan dia, bukan orang lain. akhirnya Rebecca dibunuh oleh seseorang didalam CBI ketika berjalan menuju sel nya dan Sam pun menemui ajal namun sebelumnya Sam membisikan sesuatu ke Jane, yang saya yakin isinya adalah mengatakan Red John sudah menguasai CBI dan FBI. diakhir season 2 ini, Kristina Frye diculik Red John, dan pertama kalinya Patrick berhadapan bertemu dengan Red John, karena Red John membunuh peniru dia yang telah menculik Red John. disini Red John memberikan clue sebuah potongan sajak karya William Blake :

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Di season selanjutnya, Bret Stiles, ketua Visualize, memberikan informasi dari Red John yang isinya alamat tempat Kristina Frye disembunyikan. Dalam suatu kasus Patrick menghadapi kasus pembunuhan berantai dengan korban kebanyakan polisi, pelaku bukan Red John namun sesorang bernama Johnson, ketika Johnson ditangkap, dia ingin memberikan informasi kepada Patrick saja (mengenai Red John), namun ketika Patrick mendatangi sel nya, ternyata Johnson sedang on the flame, dibakar hidup-hidup. dirumah sakit sebelum Johnson menemui ajal, dia membisikan sesuatu sama yaitu potongan sajak William Blake “tyger, tyger”. diakhir season, ternyata Red John ingin mencari Hightower, bos Teresa yang menggantikan Minelli. Dalam kasus ini, ada 5 suspect sebagai orang terdekat Red John yang menyebarkan segala informasi yanga da di CBI dan yang membakar Johnson di sel, 5 suspect ini berdasarkan data investigasi oleh J.J. LaRoche. kelima itu adalah Brenda Shettrick, Osvaldo Ardilles, Gale Bertram, Craig O’Laughlin, dan Hightower sendiri, karena Hightower adalah korban maka kemungkinan adalah orang yang menginvestigasi yaitu J.J. LaRoche. setelah menjebak kelima suspects tersebut, ternyata ada seorang wanita suruhan teman Red John untuk membunuh Hightower di hotel tempat jebakan Patrick. Kesimpulan pertama adalah Patrick menganggap Gale merupakan orang yang menyuruh si wanita itu untuk membunuh Hightower karena si wanita masuk kedalam kamar yang hanya di ketahui oleh si Gale saja, namun Patrick teringat bahwa salah satu barang yang dibawa siwanita adalah tali, dengan tali tersebut kemungkinan si wanita akan menuju ke kamar satu lantai dibawah kamar hotel untuk Gale, yaitu kamar hotel untuk Craig O’Laughlin. sehingga Patrick memberitahukan Teresa bahwa Craig merupakan temannya REd John, dan pada akhirnya ketika Craig diajak oleh Grace ke tempat Hightower, Craig menodongkan pistol hendak membunuh Hightower, namun pada akhirnya Grace menembaki Craig sampai mati.  kemudian Patrick menyuruh Teresa untuk menelpon log terakhir dari handphone Craig yang mana menurut Patrick orang itu merupakan REd John. ternyata, yang mengangkat telpon tersebut adalah orang yang duduk di meja sebelah Patrick, dan orang itu mengaku bahwa dia Red John, sehingga Patrick langsung membunuh orang tersebut.

Di season 4, Patrick ditangkap karena telah membunuh orang yang salah, karena ada yang mengambil pistol dan handphone si pria yang dibunuh Patrick. namun pada akhirnya Patrick dibebaskan karena orang itu adalah seorang yang jahat . pada akhirnya setelah siwanita buta Rosalind dihadapkan dengan mayat pria yang dibunuh tersebut, Rosalind mengatakan bahwa pria itu bukan Roy aka Red John. rumitnya permainan yang dilakukan REd John dan Patrick  membuat Patrcik menyerah, semakin Patrick ingin menemukan Red John semakin senang REd John, hingga pada akhirnya Patrick keluar dari CBI dan benar-benar menenggelamkan semua pikirannya mengenai REd John, namun Teresa berpikir bahwa Patrick melakukan itu karena ada yang direncanakan. sehingga dalam masa itu Patrick bertemu dengan seorang wanita yang ternyata tangan kanan Red John bernama Lorelei Martins.

Lorelei mengatakan bahwa Red John ingin sekali bertemu dengan Patrick, namun dengan syarat membawa kepala Teresa. Patrick menyanggupi, dan mencoba menjebak Red John dan Patrick tahu bahwa Red John tahu rencananya. kemudian, Agent Darcy FBI menembaki mobil yang menurut Jane dan Teresa ada Red John didalamnya. hanya satu orang yang selamat dari penembakan itu, Lorelei. semua mati termasuk Agent Luther Wainwright, bos Teresa menggantikan Hightower.

Lorelei ditahan, namun FBI ingin menangani kasus tersebut, bukan CBI. karena CBI tahu bahwa ada orang-orang REd John yang berada dalam FBI, maka CBI menolak hal tersebut. dengan bantuan Bret Stilles, Patrick ingin mengeluarkan Lorelei dari penjara, agar bisa menuntunnya langsung ke Red John, dari hubungan Patrick dengan Lorelei tersebut Lorelei menginformasikan bahwa Red John merupakan orang yang Patrick kenal, dan Red John pernah bersalaman dengan Patrick. dari informasi dari Lorelei tersebut Patrick membuat list orang yang telah menyalaminya semenjak istri dan anaknya meninggal, dengan informasi tersebut Patrick membuang list wanita , dan orang yang ditemuinya hanya sekali, didapatlah 408 nama yang memungkinkan Red John. sebelumnya Patrick mendapatkan informasi dari Teresa bahwa adik Lorelei mati dibunuh Red John, sehingga membuat Lorelei memburu orang2 yang terdekat Red John untuk mengetahui siapa pembunuh adiknya, akhirnya Patrick benar, adik Lorelei dibunuh oleh Red John. namun pada akhirnya Lorelei dibunuh Red John. dari semua informasi yang didapaat dari Lorelei, Patrick mencoba mengerucuti siapa Red John, dan pada akhirnya Patrick mendapatkan list final Red John suspects, terdiri dari 7 nama, yaitu Bret Stiles, Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Reede Smith, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister, dan Brett Partridge. Namun, Red John mengetahui list yang dibuat oleh Patrick dari beberapa minggu/bulan sebelum Patrick membuat list tersebut. kemudian Red John memberitahukan peraturan baru “Eileen Turner is the first of many, I’m going to start killing again. Often. Until you catch me or I catch you”.


Top 10 Boyce Avenue Best Song Covers (my version)

Boyce Avenue is an American rock  band formed in Sarasota, Florida, by the brothers Alejandro Manzano (vocals, guitar, piano), Daniel Manzano (bass, percussion, backing vocals), and Fabian Manzano (guitar, backing vocals) was formed year 2004. The band is named after a combination of two streets the brothers lived on as children. They started to upload their videos on the Internet in year 2006. So far, they are one of the most favorite bands on Youtube for their wonderful cover songs which have almost 3.5 millions subcribers and was approaching one billion views, making them the most viewed channel for groups on Youtube behind Linkin Park. awesomeeeee.

Below my top 10 favorite Boyce Avenue Cover Songs,

10. Babylon
9. Glad You Came
8. Glycerine
7. She Will Be Loved
6. Locked Out of Heaven
5. Rolling in The Deep
4. For The First Time
3. A Thousand Years
2. Mirror
1. We Found Love
If you think you don’t fit into it, you can share your version. :)